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    Thursday, December 02, 2004


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    That's sweet! And I agree with the scarves-are-boring-for-beginners sentiment. My first projects as a child were a doll and some baby sweaters (quickly knitted up).
    If you know his mum, how about adding something personal like a 'voucher' for a S'n'B afternoon with you? Or is she not supposed to know that he had help picking his gifts ...? ;-)


    What a nice son. Hope my daughter will be that way later too :)
    For the yarn, its exactly the one I knittet daughters jacket with, and it -is- super soft. It pilles (is that the right word) a little, but not to much and it is really fun to knit, it flies over the needles.
    About the book, that sounded good, I for myself bought me "All stitched up" a few weeks ago for help with good finishing knitted stuff. It is really good explained and a lot of pictures "how to".
    I know that this can only be an addition for a beginner.
    Hope everything on your place is better now.


    Obviously the boy is a keeper. He has wonderful taste (he picked your Abigail, didn't he?) and he actually THOUGHT about an Xmas gift and then didn't purchase it when he was half-drunk after spending most of his shopping time on Xmas Eve in a bar at the mall, and then buying his mom lightbulbs because they are "something she can use".

    Ask me how I know.


    That girl of yours has great taste in boyz.


    *sniff* I'm all...overcome.


    My stash? Come on over and help yourself, missy.


    I am teaching some friends beadwork. One was having a dickens of a time getting the hang of it. After I left she hauled out her husband's fly tying equipment - light and magnifier. That did the trick. It wasn't the beading that was getting her down - it was the eyesight thang. Perhaps that is the issue here too.


    What a good son he is!

    I have to agree with you on Sally's book, I love it enough that I bought the Knit one and the Purl one.

    And as much as I love the Harlot (and you know I do, especially where Latvian Mitts of Lust are concerned), I don't think there's anything wrong with a simple scarf to start either... Hell, I frogged mine half way through it and I'm reusing the yarn for gorgeous mitts to match a coat of mine.


    Sounds like a nice young man who was raised up properly. I approve. Oh wait, do I get a vote? :)


    One - what a great guy.

    Two - perfect gift - the Cashmerino Aran is wonderful... just made a baby hat out of it. And, I'm waiting for some to make a baby jacket, cause I just fell in love with it! Not to mention, I think the Knit Stitch is one of the best learn-technique (not just learn to knit) book out there....

    Lisa in Oregon

    awwww...what a sweetie!!!

    My children tease me about my many projects I have I never finish anything...unless when I finish something they get it.... :)


    What a sweet guy! Seems like his mom did a good job.

    Did you enjoy your foray into Personal Yarn Shopper?


    Excellent choices of yarn and book. If anyone wants to learn how to knit, I think those two ought to do the trick! What a nice story. Hope it has a happy ending. :)


    AWWWWW! {sniffle, sniffle} I really like The Knit Stitch. I taught myself to knit from it. I'm still a baby knitter, but the instructions and photography are great. I hope his mom loves the present!

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