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    Friday, December 03, 2004


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    Ahhh, pictures. I remember those! :)
    Thank you so much for wallowing with me. It doesn't seem so lonely when there is company!
    I hug you!
    Sending good eye vibes. And, well, go knit something will ya? Your stash is even calling to ME for cripes sake!
    There. Now I've left comments to 2 peeps. I'm getting there!


    Norma, Norma, Norma,
    You may be going slightly insane, but you sure make me laugh! Sounds like maybe a cocktail would be in order this morning for breakfast!

    Enjoy the car ride :-)




    I swear you told me you were too tired to blog yesterday.


    Is this called a second wind? Sometimes you just need to connect to friends near and far. Good thoughts and prayers for your eye problem and pray it is easily fixed. You already know you must breathe, take time to rest, too. The play sounds like a perfect diversion and knitting your way there sounds almost as good. That Rogue has really moved along quicly. Hugs, Norma.


    I'm thinking a sabbatical might be a word you want to allow to creep into your vocabulary, dearheart and *soon* before I read of a crazed woman going after her coworkers with books and needles. Hmm... although that would be more interesting than the Brokaw "introspective" I keep hearing about for news. *hug*


    Hoping all goes well with your eye problem. Those are some nice gifts you have planned.Always enjoy your posts with my morning coffee.


    O.M.G., "...first you have to WANT to." My fingers are limp and I'm crying -- every muscle in my body is quivering with laughter and agreement. You are too precious, my dear.


    I'm sorry, but was I the only one who noticed that the boy wanted lilac and you called the STORE weird? Who wants lilac and why? I thought the boyfriend was getting the blue. I'm awash in your knitting/yarn frenzy here and I'm getting a little woozy. But it's a good woozy.... I think.


    You can get suede palms (sounds like a condition) at Woodland Woolworks. Get rested.


    Oh dear, eyes! Take care of those precious things!

    BTW, you have made me feel like a complete wuss for fearing the three whole knitting projects I have to complete before the holidays!


    Thanks for the whirlwind of excitement re: yarns and projects - it was chaotic enough to help center me! I wish you well with all, or whichever you choose!

    About the book - how to deal with people you can't stand, I'd like to share my experience. Due to my training (social work) and my practice (small towns and tribal communities) I have made something of a study of this issue. The problem arises, that people I can't stand, generally also can't stand me. NOw I'm a fairly pacificistic live and let live, tolerant kind of person, who has only belately noticed that others may not follow suit. My mentor assures me that the only way to deal with those I can't stand is:

    1) realize that they also have problems with me;
    2) believe that I have both worth and rights to exist and:
    3) be proactive, which looks like this:
    4) and I quote, "lead them out on the ice,until you hear it crack", and then'
    5 "get off the ice yourself".

    I have tried this and frankly, enjoyed it. Perhaps I am a flawed person....but only you will know what this looks like for you!

    Once they are off your trail, you can knit without looking over your shoulder......

    Happy Christmas.

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