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    Sunday, November 28, 2004


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    I LOVE Control Room. Such a great movie. I loved that Military Spokesman. He was so real and thoughtful. It's sad that there's not a place for someone like that in the military. I saw Control Room and Fahrenheit 9/11 on the same day and liked Control Room better.

    Mary Beth

    Seems fair - ya gotta have a couple things going! And on the sleeve increases - no mocking here - have done that a thousand times. Enjoy your drive. I think your second Rogue will be so much fun since you worked the kinks out with your first!


    The hat picture looks like one of Georgia O'Keefe's photos... very lovely!


    I thought the hat photo was a picture of a cappucinno. Maybe I need another coffee. Lovely hat thought. And who said there was a law against having 2 sweaters on the go at the same time.


    Dang, Norma, where *do* you get the post titles? ;)

    I heard the Control Room guy interviewed on Fresh Air. He was so genuinely reflective, it almost made me cry. Hell, it was soon enough after the election--it probably *did* make me cry.

    Amy Boogie

    Your rogue is looking gorgeous and I still can't see the M1's


    Kinda looks like a fur encrusted condom but hey, who am I to say. BTW, your sister looked amazing in that sweater AND colour.


    I think you should start as many projects as you want! YOU are in charge baby. I love the photo of the lined hat--you should have that framed and matted!


    Will the new Rogue be without pockets??


    I am definately going to knit Rogue (zip up cardi version) Maybe we can help each other. :-)

    Thanks for sharing 101 things about you with all of us!

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