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    Monday, November 29, 2004


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    You forgot "I am very creative with language." and "I am an instigator."

    Just sayin'.


    Thank you for sharing yourself with us!!! ;-)


    Oh Norma, you crack me up. If anyone dares to question #30, just send them my way, or towards any of us there in the family room that night at Rhinebeck! You're an information SPONGE! :)

    By the way--I've put my first item for sale on Ebay. It's just a USB cable, but I'm starting out small, yanno?


    Quite fascinating. A wee glimpse into the Magical Mind of Norma.


    My blog has had a near death experience. Does that mean we have something in common? ;)

    Of course, I want to hear all about your childhood. For shrinking purposes, of course.

    Thanks for giving me a smile today.


    Hmmm . . . now I don't have to make my own list; I can just "borrow" 50% of the things on your list. Unfortunately, my first plane trip was to Ohio when I was 19. Not quite as exciting as your first plane trip. But, we do share the same blood type and an inability to donate blood for the same reason. And, I'm completely on board with the "no chemicals on the lawn" thing. When we were kids, we ate dandelion salads ALL the time. I think it's an East Coast thing. We even planted two kinds of dandelions: the kind with the serrated leaves and the kind with the smooth edge leaves.


    Seriously to the no-blood donating thing? If it's CJD then don't they care that you were a veg?
    I wrote my 100 things ages ago, but I'm too chicken to post it.


    Hummmm...lots of food for thought. It's always great learning about your 'imaginary' friends. They don't seem so far away. You are an awesome person, Norma.


    Great list. Any chance you'll share your secret for remembering names? I'm horrible at it . . .


    Okay, I'm shamelessly copying you in my blog entry today.

    Great list. You are a great person! :)


    I keep thinking I should make a list too, because I always enjoy reading other people's lists. Then I think, well, maybe no one would be interested anyway!


    If only you knew how carefully and slowly I read and considered each one of the 101 items. This means either "I'm glad to have you for a friend and want to know more about you" or "Be afraid; be very afraid." I'll let you decide.


    You also forgot to mention the incorrigibility part.


    Glad you did the list! And tell me, how did you learn to remember names? I'm awful with this (and spelling, and directions. . . )

    Mary Beth

    What a great list. As we have come to expect, you gave it your all! How did it feel to do that?


    Norma, fantastic list...!

    And the Rogue looks great (without sleeves is cool, but I am with everyone else--sleeve that babeee!) I will be swatching mine after Xmas. It's the only way I can make myself slow the hell down and get it right (oh, and enjoy the process of course, heh).

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